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Changing Your Attitude

Day 1 - Jul 18, 2022

In his book "The Winning Attitude", the author and speaker John Maxwell wrote that "attitude is the advance man of our true selves."

He says our attitudes go before us. Our attitudes show who we really are. They draw people to us…or repel them.  That is absolutely the truth. Our attitudes often reveal more about us than our words.

That's why I believe a person's attitude is the prophet of their future.

  • When you have a bad attitude, it can keep you from having the future that God wants you to have.  
  • When you have a good attitude it paves the way for God's blessings and a better future.  

Take Action

Take a moment and focus on you!  

Do a quick, "Attitude Check".  Before you describe what you think your attitude is like, ask yourself a couple of questions.  

1.  Do people like hanging out with you?

2.  Do you get invited to coffee, lunch, parties, events, etc...  

3.  What would your kids say about your attitude?  

4.  What would your spouse say?

Day 2 - Jul 19, 2022

Here are Some Truths about Our Attitudes:

We choose our attitudes. Our tendency is to think that people cause us to have a bad attitude, or that events in our lives force us to take a negative view of the world. That's a deception. People and circumstances provide an opportunity to choose, but it's still our choice.  Thinking "if my circumstances were different, I would have a better attitude" is wrong.

Consider Adam and Eve. God created them and placed them in the Garden of Eden. It was a perfect paradise. They didn't have to work. They had everything they needed. God walked in the Garden with them. Their circumstances were as ideal as anyone's circumstances have ever been.

But what happened?  They became ungrateful. They became rebellious. They disobeyed. Adam and Eve chose to have a bad attitude. It wasn't forced upon them by their circumstances or their surroundings. It was their choice. We choose a good or bad attitude.


Take Action

Changing your attitude begins with changing your perspective.  

It's all about how you view it.  In 1 Corinthians 10:5 the Bible says to take our thoughts captive and make them line up with God's word.  Set your mind on how God thinks of you by knowing what God's says about you.

Positive thoughts lead to a positive attitude, while negative thoughts lead to a negative attitude. Changing your attitude is as easy as hitting the “pause” button on what you’re thinking and choosing to think different thoughts.

You have a Purpose. Having a purpose in life gives you a fixed point in the horizon to focus on, so that you can remain steady amid life’s challenges. Bringing meaning and purpose into your life—knowing why you are here—will do wonders for your attitude.

Day 3 - Jul 20, 2022

Happiness is not a state of being, but a decision.

Being happy isn't something that happens to us, but a choice that we make.

Some of the people I've known with the best outlooks on life came from terrible backgrounds. They chose happiness in the middle of their harsh circumstances.  

The inspirational speaker and author Denis Waitley once said, "Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude." I love this quote.  If you believe that, you're headed for a good life.  

Take Action

Happiness doesn't depend on your circumstances, but on how we choose to live.  Are there areas in your life where you need to:

  • Choose to Love?
  • Give Grace?
  • Express Gratitude?

Then make a choice and begin taking action in that area.  

Day 4 - Jul 21, 2022

God rewards good attitudes and disciplines bad attitudes.

Parents know not to wait to discipline a child's bad behavior, but to discipline the bad attitude that precedes the behavior.  It's more productive to correct a child who rolls his eyes at your instructions than to wait for that attitude to grow into full rebellion.  It's important to remember there is a difference between discipline and punishment.  With disciple there is always a heartfelt connection.  

James 4:6 says, "God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble." Pride is an attitude. We can choose to be prideful, or we can choose to be humble. God resists the proud. He loves us too much not to push against us when we are headed the wrong way.

Take Action

Take another step towards having a Positive Attitude by acting on one of the things listed below.  Try to do it before today ends.

  1. Find a Mentor, Coach, or Friend and get their advice
  2. Think Of How Your Life Will Change If Your Attitude Changes. 
  3. Take Stock Of What's Amazing In Your Life.  Now write 3 of those things down and keep it with you.  
  4. Start Using More Positive Speech.  
  5. Steer Clear Of The Victim Mentality.  Watch your Words!  

Day 5 - Jul 22, 2022

Your attitude can predict the direction of your life.

A good attitude precedes and predicts success, favor and promotion. A bad attitude precedes and predicts failure, disfavor, and demotion.  In an airplane, an instrument called the attitude indicator helps you know the aircraft's position relative to the horizon. If it's foggy outside and you can't tell whether you're flying level, your attitude indicator becomes essential.  Without it, you might accidentally turn the nose down, which will make you crash.


Take Action

David wrote in Psalms about turning his eyes to God when his circumstances were terrible.

  • God should be our attitude indicator.  We should keep our eyes on Him during difficulties, then point our attitudes in the direction of happiness and joy.  More than anything else, that will predict our path.
  • What kind of attitude will you choose today?