Daily Encouragement
Delivered 1 Minute at a Time

About The Marriage Minute

Everyone desires to have a marriage that is thriving. But to turn that Desire into a true Value requires it to show up in our Priorities, not just in our thoughts. We all know adding anything to our already busy schedules is difficult.

But, what if you could add something of life-changing value within 1-minute each day. Would it be worth it to you?

The Marriage Minute has been purposely designed to be brief and relatable to help develop the habits needed for a healthy marriage.

The Marriage Minute sends our users a brief message once a day, Monday through Friday. Each week’s topic focuses on a specific area couples are facing and is divided into 5 daily minutes. Messages can be sent by text to your cell phone or your email. You choose how you would like to receive it.

Each message is specifically designed to be easy to read in one minute or less and includes an Action Point.

The “Take Action” Point challenges you to focus on your marriage and to actively do something small but significant to improve it.

Marriage Minute can be delivered to your computer or your cell phone easily.

About the Founders

Founders Stan & Mandy Dennis have over 25 years of experience working with married couples.

Founders Stan and Mandy have learned life giving lessons over their own marriage and from the 25 years they have spent working with couples. They have taken those teachings and condensed them down into topical lessons, giving every married couple easy access and easy to apply actions. Each lesson is short and intentional with simple follow-up actions for you to try.

After 25 years of working with married couples, founders Stan and Mandy Dennis have discovered one of the primary keys to a happy and healthy marriage, is in forming better daily habits. To help you develop those daily habits the Marriage Minute has been purposely designed to give you a brief statement or teaching, followed by an encouraging Point of Action, all within 1-minute.