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Top Five Sexual Needs of Married Men & Woman - Part 2

Day 1 - Aug 8, 2022

God created men and women, and God created sex.  

But he created us with different sexual needs. Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg, wrote a book called, "The Five Sex Needs of Men and Women" that detailed these differences.  In researching their book, the Rosberg's interviewed around a thousand Christian couples about their sex lives. The results of these surveys are very revealing.  According to their findings, here are the top 5 sexual needs for married men and women.

A man's fourth sexual need is Initiation by his wife.  

He wants her to initiate verbal affection, physical affection, and sexual affection.  When sex is the woman's idea, it means everything to him.

Take Action

Most women don't fully understand how much self-doubt men carry around all day.  Am I any good at what I do?  Does my wife think I’m a good husband?  Is my colleague going to figure out that I’m making this up as I go along?  Do I measure up as a man?  As a dad?   Men are far more emotionally vulnerable than most realize.

It may be a suprise to discover that a man’s most emotionally vulnerable time is when he approaches his wife for intimacy.  A man feels like he is shakily extending out his unprotected heart, not knowing whether she will tenderly embrace it or smack it down. 

Certainly, there are also women who feel vulnerable when they are the ones with the higher libido than their husband.  But for the majority of couples, it is the other way around.  So when you respond well to your husband’s vulnerable heart, it is deeply comforting.