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Can We Complain Without Criticizing?

Day 1 - Nov 30, 2020

Functional Families Talk.  

In healthy relationships, the communication lines stay open no matter what.  Dysfunctional families, on the other hand, don't talk. Anger is often the culprit.  It shuts down conversation.  Husbands or wives can become defensive and refuse to hear legitimate complaints.  Or they let anger simmer until it turns to contempt. This is typical in the first few years of most marriages.  One of the only constants in the relationship seems to be anger.  

You may internalize your disagreements and go for a month or two in relative peace…until you have a huge, explosive fight.  Then you may make up and tiptoe through another few weeks until the next blow-up.  

The cycle repeats. You may fight so much you became numb to it. That's a dangerous way to live.

Take Action

You must resolve anger!  

It's important to understand that "Resolving Anger" isn't about "Assigning Blame".  There are no winners in that scenrio.  

  • Take responsibility for your words and actions, even if "They started it first".  By the way, that's usually the response kids give for the reason they retaliate.  

Take the high road and stop retaliating.  Your spouse isn't your enemy.  Start initiating positive conversations and give the enemy NO PLACE in your marriage.