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Sharing Our Dreams and Desires

Day 1 - Nov 23, 2020

Along with physical and emotional intimacy, spiritual intimacy is an essential part of a healthy marriage. It refers to a mutual commitment to God's purpose for our lives and marriage along with respect for the special dreams of each other's hearts.  Spiritual intimacy is the greatest depth of intimacy we experience in marriage.

Fostering unity begins with the acronym INVEST:

  • Intimacy
  • Necessities
  • Value
  • Energy
  • Trust & Sacrifice - Let's explore how these relate to spiritual intimacy.

Take Action

First, seek to understand and value God's purpose for your spouse and the dreams of their heart. We are each other's dream-makers, not dream-breakers. This means we partner with God to bring our spouses to their full potential—and we do it as a team. 

  • This means one spouse is not more important than the other.
  • A godly marriage is made of two people created in God's image, both pursuing God's call on their lives.

So, when is the last time you asked your spouse about their dreams?  

When is the last time you've done something or said something to encourage your spouse regarding their dreams?

Day 2 - Nov 24, 2020

Put energy into pursuing God and building your marriage.

One of the best actions you can take to create spiritual intimacy is prayer.  

  • Pray as individuals.
  • Pray as a couple.  

Work at praying and seeking God together. Mandy and I pray together.  We've discovered that a couple is either going to pray…or they're going to worry and fight.  When you invite God into the circumstances of your marriage, you're not going to fight about those circumstances.

Take Action

Praying together doesn't have to be long and loud.  It simply needs to be sincere and with a foundation in God's word.  

The Bible says it's a prayer of faith that changes everything.  Begin by finding a scripture that deals with the issue you and your spouse are facing.  Then remember, the Bible says "you have not because you ask not".  

Meaning:  Stop thinking and worrying about it and come together in faith and agreement as you pray over that issue.

Day 3 - Nov 25, 2020

Sacrifice the desire to only promote yourself.

God looked at Adam—who was by himself—and said it was not good for the man to be alone. God then created Eve to help Adam reach his potential. He used Adam and Eve to help each other discover their true potential.  

He intended marriage to work as a partnership, which is why Satan didn't attack the garden until Adam and Eve were together. 

Take Action

In a healthy marriage, both the husband and wife have to sacrifice their natural selfishness in order to prioritize the marriage relationship.

  • What can you do today to show your sacrifice to selfishness, and to show how you prioritize your marriage?  

Day 4 - Nov 26, 2020

Create an atmosphere of trust.

This means building a relationship where one spouse can share their deep spiritual dreams, trusting the other spouse to honor those desires. Research has shown that the worst fights in a marriage happen when one spouse steps on the dreams of another.  

  • That dream could be financial security.  
  • It could be a dream for a stress-free, orderly home.  
  • It could be for children to feel loved and valued within the family.  

Take Action

Whatever the dream, we have to recognize they come deep within our spouse's heart.

  • Not only should we respect their dreams, but we have to do everything possible to help them achieve it.

Do something today to help support your spouses dream.  It could be as simple as a quick phone call or text of encouruagement.  Tell them you beleive in them and you fully support them.  

Day 5 - Nov 27, 2020

A godly marriage is a win-win proposition. When one spouse puts energy into the relationship, the marriage deepens. When one sacrifices for the other, the marriage grows stronger. When one creates a place of safety and trust, the relationship improves. Spiritual intimacy is the result.

Your relationship with God may be personal, but God also has a plan and purpose for your marriage. 

Take Action

This week I want you to find a way to do at least 2 of the 3 things listed below.

  • Nurture each other. (Example:  Say or write something really encouraging to your spouse.)
  • Invest in each other. (Example:  Take a step towards helping to fulfill that dream)
  • Seek God together as a team. Hold hands and speak a prayer for direction.  

Together, work toward discovering and pursuing His call on your lives.