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The Marriage Minute does something extremely important: it takes away excuses. There really is no reason or excuse not to spend one-minute (at least) a day investing in your marriage. Now you can do that through the amazing resource Stan and Mandy have created. Take a moment right now to set your marriage up for success. Sign up for a Marriage Minute membership and I promise you you’ll see an immediate difference in your relationship.

Brent Evans President, Marriage Today
Founder, XO Marriage

The Marriage Minute provides effective seeds of hope and encouragement for couples. Many marriages struggle to find time to digest the many resources that are available. The Marriage Minute makes it simple and easy to orient your heart towards your spouse.

Pastor Todd Lane Gateway Church - Southlake, TX

Stan and Mandy have been role models for us since we were teenagers! They continue to encourage and mentor us through their ministry, and most importantly, they’re happy, healthy family. What an example of godliness they are to so many of us: Faithful!

Pastors Kevin & Adrieene Cooley Pastors of Harvest Church - Mobile, AL
Founders of Embassy of Hope
Expert Testimonials

I have known Pastor Stan and Mandy Dennis for over 20 years. I have worked with Stan in ministry and have been blessed to call him a friend. During these years I've seen first hand the strong bond he and Mandy have developed, the devotion to their marriage they both seed and the example they have set for others to follow. I could not be more excited to see Marriage Minute be offered as a guideline to a blessed life for married couples. Stan and Mandy exemplify a true Godly marriage and their wisdom will help all those who follow Marriage Minute to invest wisely in theirs.

David Lyons President / Executive Producer of
Speaker/Writer Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Recipient Arnold Schwarzenegger Health Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award

Today's Marriage Minute

Making Dreams Come True

The Marriage Minute

“You can make a big difference in a small amount of time”

Everyone desires to have a marriage that is thriving. But to turn that Desire into a true Value requires it to show up in our Priorities, not just in our thoughts. We all know adding anything to our already busy schedules is difficult.

But, what if you could add something of life-changing value within 1-minute each day. Would it be worth it to you?

After 25 years of working with married couples, founders Stan and Mandy Dennis have discovered one of the primary keys to a happy and healthy marriage, is in forming better daily habits. Receiving a daily reminder and being prompted with those habits, makes it even better! The average person reads 200 words per minute. So, the Marriage Minute has been purposely designed to give you a brief statement or teaching, followed by an encouraging Point of Action, all within 1-minute.

Each week The Marriage Minute will focus on a specific topic all couples face. The weekly focus will be divided into 5 brief statements or teachings given Monday - Friday mornings.

The goal isn’t to simply give you another good teaching. That’s why each Marriage Minute concludes with a Point of Action. The true value of any teaching is revealed in the actions we are encouraged to take, and the change it produces. Again, our values show up in our priorities, not just in our thoughts. The daily Point of Action will encourage you to “Do” or “Say” something small that can turn into something big for your spouse, bringing meaningful change to your marriage.

Our mission is to help you develop the habit of consistently, briefly, and sincerely investing into your marriage each day.

Founders Stan & Mandy Dennis have over 25 years of experience working with married couples. Marriage Minute can be delivered to your computer or your cell phone easily.

The Marriage Minute

“You can make a big difference in a small amount of time”

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